nature within since 1851

This conceptional work was created under the framework of Barcelona School of Design and Engineering (ELISAVA) in cooperation with Kiehl’s Spain. It showcases Keybrand’s interdisciplinary capability and strategic approach.

Kiehl’s is an American retail brand that started in 1851 as a small pharmacy in Manhattan and grew into one of the world’s leading brands in natural hair and skin care products. Kiehl’s is today part of the L’Oréal Group and runs more than 250 retail stores worldwide, has over 1,000 Points of Sales and is represented in high-end department stores and airports.

Inspired by Kiehl’s unique brand story, Keybrand built the new Kiehl’s retail concept around its strongest differentiation factor: Heritage.

Supported by a new slogan: “Nature within since 1851", the new strategy underlines the natural essence of the products and emphasises Kiehl’s long tradition. Building on Kiehl’s success among men, the unisex design approach targets male customers along with the brand’s female client base. 

The concept is a 360° approach. It tackles all the important aspects for a retail brand to be successful: space, flow, brand communication, packaging, visual merchandising, interface design, and technology. Innovations such as RFID systems, intelligent shelves and interactive screens are integrated in the shops to offer a truly informative and exceptional shopping experience.

The concept was the winner of the ei! Awards Professional Edition, 2015

Project in cooperation with architect Laia Olazabal